Aldershot & Camberley District Badminton League

Covering the north of the County, this District spans the borders of Surrey and Berkshire, with some 19 Affiliated League Clubs and 5 Affiliated Junior Clubs.

Alton District Badminton League

With just 8 Affiliated League Clubs, Alton is the smallest of Hampshire’s Leagues. It serves players in the Alton, Petersfield, Bordon area, reach as far as Midhurst in neighbouring West Sussex.

Basingstoke & District Badminton League

Basingstoke District League comprises some 16 Affiliated League Clubs, some of which are based in nearby Berkshire. In addition to the League, they organise a programme of Tournaments during the season.

Portsmouth & Havant Badminton Association

Portsmouth & Havant District, with some 15 Affiliated League Clubs offer badminton to those based in the south-east of the County. They also run a programme of Tournaments during the season.

Southampton & District Badminton Association

This is the largest District in Hampshire with some 23 Affiliated League Clubs, spread across central southern Hampshire.

Waterside Badminton League

A smaller League with a handful of clubs which also play in the Southampton and Winchester Leagues, this League is based to the west of the Southampton Water.

Winchester & District Badminton Association

Serving the centre of Hampshire, Winchester has some 29 Affiliated League Clubs and offers a varied programme of Tournaments during the season, in addition to the League competition.